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Math 541: Numerical Analysis Fall 2017
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HW Assignment for Math 541

This page will give a complete listing of the reading and homework assignments that you are required to do. In addition, Exam and Final dates will be listed. There will be both written and electronic Homework with the latter done in WeBWorK. Information on logging into WeBWorK is given by this hyperlink.

There is a Lab Manual (MATLAB and Maple) version, which will continue to be updated over the semester with detailed information for using MatLab and Maple on your assignments. For those interested in purchasing Maple, you can access the Maple adoption sheet (should appear soon) through this hyperlink.

Week 1: Read the Lecture Notes for the Introduction (4-Panel) and Calculus and Taylor's Theorem (4-Panel). For students wanting to learn Maple and see commands that I show in class, then notes are provided with the Maple coscos (and actual Maple code for coscos).
HW Assignment #1: Work the WeBWorK Problems called Taylor, which are due Fri, Sep 8 at 4 AM. You also have  written Homework Assignment 1 on Taylor series and some MatLab. These problem are due
Thur, Sep 7 at class time.


Notes about Exams

For Exam 1, you are allowed a Calculator. You should only need a cheap Scientific Calculator. You will need to show your steps, so you do not want to use any programming capabilities. All Cell phones must remain out of sight. You may have one 3x5 notecard with notes.


Old Assignments


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