Master's Thesis for the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science

Mike O'Sullivan is now in charge of the Master's Thesis. There is a new updated version in LaTeX2e. Access to this material can be obtained through the Math Department Resources web page. This thesis material significantly updates the material that I created earlier to help students with the format required by the library committee and including some instruction on the use of LaTeX. You can obtain a PDF version of the Thesis from this hyperlink.

You can download a zipped version of the material for a Master's Thesis on a UNIX machine or for a Windows environment. These files are easily unzipped on a UNIX machine by typing "unzip" or using one of the standard unzip programs for Windows. Unzipping the file creates a collection of files, including .tex files that you can insert your own thesis into, .eps encapsulated postscript files for figures, and .sty style files that create the SDSU required thesis format fo our department. The style files were last modified in Fall 2003, so they should be up to date. If you have any problems, then contact