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Math 636: Mathematical Modeling Fall 2017
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Course Information for Math 636

Course Description

This course develops basic concepts of mathematical modeling at the first year graduate level. Mathematical modeling uses a variety of mathematical techniques applied to various fields of science. My course will primarily have applications from the field of biological sciences, but other applications from physics and chemistry are included. The mathematical techniques will range from algebraic fitting techniques, dynamical systems, differential equations, linear algebra, probability theory, Monte Carlo simulations, and data analysis. Computers are used for most of the modeling examples with MatLab, Maple, and Excel, being the primary computer tools demonstated.

Details of the course and timelines are available on the HW Assignment page.

Faculty Teaching Math 636 - Fall 2017

Joseph Mahaffy
Professor, Biomathematics
Lectures: 17:30-18:45 TTh in GMCS 328 Office phone: 619-594-3743
Office Hours: TH 14:00-15:50 and by Appointment Fax: 619-594-6746
Office location: GMCS 593 E-mail:


Math 254 and 337 or Math 342A and 342B or Eng 280.

No Textbook

Lecture Notes are available online.

Lab Manual (MatLab and Maple) and Lab Manual (Excel and Maple) are being developed with much of the first part completed and online.

Course Assessment and Grading

Grading weighting is subject to change depending on how the class is proceeding.

  • Homework is 77% of grade:
    • Homework asignments, including WeBWorK
  • Article Reviews are 5% of grade:
  • Final Project is 18% of grade:
    • Written Report (2/3 of this grade)
    • Oral Presentation graded by students in class (1/3 of this grade)

The grade divisions are typically 85-100 is an A, 73-85 is a B, 62-73 is a C, 50-62 is a D, and below 50 is an F with + or - assigned near the boundary (within 3%).

The Syllabus has details on course policies.

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