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Math 636: Mathematical Modeling Fall 2017
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Syllabus for Math 636

Course Description

This course introduces Graduate students to Mathematical Modeling. The prerequisites are primarily the undergraduate courses required for admittance to the M.S. in Applied Mathematics or M.A. in Mathematics.

Details of the course and timelines are available on the HW Assignment page.

Course Assessment and Grading

Grading weighting is subject to change depending on how the class is proceeding.

  • Homework is 77% of grade:
    • Homework asignments, including WeBWorK
  • Article Reviews are 5% of grade:
  • Final Project is 18% of grade:
    • Written Report (2/3 of this grade)
    • Oral Presentation graded by students in class (1/3 of this grade)
The grade divisions are typically 85-100 is an A, 73-85 is a B, 62-73 is a C, 50-62 is a D, and below 50 is an F with + or - assigned near the boundary (within 3%).

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