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Math 541: Numerical Analysis Fall 2016
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Course Information for Math 541

Course Description

This course introduces students to numerical analysis. Students will use computers to solve nonlinear equations, solve systems of linear equations, approximate integrals, and fit data sets. This course will primarily use MatLab for performing the numerical computations, so basics of MatLab will be taught. Practical examples will be used to demonstrate the usefulness of this course for a variety of problems.

Details of the course and timelines are available on the HW Assignment page.

Math 541 - Fall 2016

Joseph Mahaffy
Professor, Biomathematics
Lectures: TH 14:00-15:15 in NE 271 Office phone: 619-594-3743
Office Hours: TH 9:30-10:30, 15:30-16:30 Fax: 619-594-6746
Office location: GMCS 593 E-mail:


Calculus, basic Computer skills (CS 107 or Math 242), and Linear Algebra (Math 254 or Math 342A or AE 280) with at least a C or better in each of these courses


Cleve Moler: Numerical Computing in Matlab

Alternate resources (Add later)

Lab Manual (MatLab and Maple)  are being developed with much of the first part completed and online.

Course Assessment and Grading

  • Grading:
    • Homework assignments, including WeBWorK (32%)
    • Formal Lab Reports (applied problems) (18%)
    • Probably 2 Midterms and Final with part being Take-home (50%)

The Syllabus has details on course policies.

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