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Math 636: Mathematical Modeling Fall 2017
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HW Assignment for Math 636

This page will give a complete listing of the reading and homework assignments that you are required to do. Some problems will be worked in WeBWorK. Instructions for logging into WeBWorK can be found at Logging into WeBWorK.

Week 2: Read the lecture notes on Allometric and Dimensional Analysis (4-Panel). There is additional information in article for Atomic Bomb Energy Part 1 and Part 2. Also, there is information on food energy and weight (Kleiber's Law) and the relation to pulse and weight (von Bertalanffy). There is a homework assignment on WeBWorK (due by Sat., Sept. 16) for Allometric and Dimensional Analysis along with one additional problem for Allometric models, which will be due by Thurs., Sept. 14.

You should begin finding an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) from the last 5 years. You need to submit to me the title of the article, list of authors, volume number, and year by Tues. Sept. 12. A list of PNAS articles selected by the class will be regularly updated, and each student must choose a different article. You will write a 2-5 page review that summarizes the work done and discusses some mathematical modeling aspect in the article. I am primarily looking for good scientific writing and an understanding of the role of modeling in your article. Your review will be due Thurs. Sept. 28.

Week 3: Reading the material in the lecture notes under U. S. Population (4-Panel) and Discrete Dynamical Models (4-Panel). The link to the Lectures has a collection of MatLab files used to solve problems in these notes. You may use any software for your homework, but document what you use. The third Homework assignment for the Discrete models is due by Thursday, Sept. 21. (WeBWorK is due by Friday, Sept. 22 (4 AM)).

Old Homework Assignments

Week 1: You should familiarize yourself with this webpage and how to navigate the different sections. This will be a key page where I post Reading and Homework assignments. The dates for when those assignments are due will also be listed here. We will use a variety of computer programs, but primarily MatLab and Maple. MatLab can be downloaded from SDSU. Maple is available for purchase through the Maple Adoption program. All these programs are available in our computer labs.

Read the lecture notes for Introduction (4-Panel) and Linear and Polynomial Modeling (4-Panel). The Introduction HW are available in WeBWorK, including parts that must be written (graphs and paragraphs). The written HW is due Sept. 7 (class time), while the WeBWorK problems are due Sept. 9 (4 AM).




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