Math 241 - Maple Workshop
Fall Semester, 2002

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This workshop is designed to give the student a working knowledge of the symbolic software Maple. Maple provides a valuable tool for handling algebraic manipulations, techniques from a wide variety of fields of mathematics, graphic visualization of 2 and 3 dimensional objects, and some programming. Below we present a preliminary outline of the topics that are planned for the semester. We certainly welcome any input into additional topics of particular interest to students who are choosing to take this course.

Introduction - Algebra. Calculus using Maple, including functions, differentiation, integration, and graphing. Maple help.

Management of Maple worksheets

Sequences and Series


Vectors and 3D graphing

Differential Equations

Maple with other software and programs - Maple on rohan. X-Terminals. Connecting Maple with other software like MatLab, Excel, Fortran and C.

Basic Programming in Maple


Session #6 - Use of special packages like Statistics.

Session #7 - Advanced Algebraic methods. (O'Sullivan)

Session #8 - Application on the Precession of Mercury and Other Topics. Using Maple's Web Application Center.

Session #9 - Application to Population Dynamics.

Session #10 - Application of Number Theory to Cryptography. (O'Sullivan)