Joseph M. Mahaffy
Supplement for Two-Delay Study

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Supplement for Two-Delay Study

This page provides hyperlinks to MatLab code and Figures for the paper by Joseph M. Mahaffy and Timothy C. Busken, Regions of Stability for a Linear Differential Equation with Two Rationally Dependent Delays (2014). There are two 3D figures in Figure 4.1, which are reproduced below in JPG format.


We provide hyperlinks to the MatLab fig files, so the user can load them into MatLab and use the MatLab rotating feature to view them at any desired angle. This provides the hyperlinks for the MatLab FIG file for R = 0.2 and the MatLab FIG file for R = 0.25. These are very large files, so the rotations take a fair amount of time. We used a utility developed by Dirk-Jan Kroon and made available on the Matlab File exchange to create a web 3D picture, which can be rotated directly from this web page. The hyperlinks to these webpages are given by Webpage for R = 0.2 and Webpage for R = 0.25.


In addition to the 3D pictures, we want users to be able to access our program for finding D-partitioning curves in many of the Figures, like Figure 3.1. These figures can be generated by downloading the MatLab files DELAY_ODE_GUI.fig and DELAY_ODE_GUI.m into a directory, then executing the .fig file in MatLab. The size of the window, number of curves, range of A values, and range of R values can be easily adjusted.