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Math 124: Calculus for the Life Sciences Spring 2017
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WeBWorK Introduction

Homework is done with WeBWorK (alternate entrance is This is an electronic homework system that is graded automatically on the due date. This system has been extremely successful with only a couple of glitches. The grades of students taking the course are correlated with the scores on the WeBWorK homework assignments, so it is very important that you take this homework seriously (worth 9% of the lecture grade). If you find an error in one of the problems, then please email Joseph Mahaffy.

Login: Most students will login using their last name with a capital first letter and their Red ID number for a password. (Logins are case sensitive!) For example, suppose your name is Henri Poincare with Red ID number 314159265. Then you login with:

Username: Poincare
Password: 314159265

There are a few exceptions and the appropriate login names are:

  1. AlThahabi (Abdallah Al Thahabi)
  2. Colvee (Marina Colvee Debrot)
  3. CruzLlamas (Aaron Cruz-Llamas)
  4. DeLaLuz (Maria DeLaLuz Mendoza)

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