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Math 124: Calculus for the Life Sciences Spring 2017
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Miscellaneous Information for Math 124

This section will provide additional resources to aid study of this course.

Learn more about your education costs and administration at this University.

There is a very good commentary on the state of science today. An article appeared in Physics Today about an interview with Sydney Brenner. The summary of the article is that the role of money and pressure from University administration works against the most innovative science. Sydney Brenner argues that the system needs fixing in his eulogy for Nobel laureate Frederick Sanger.

Math Learning: A webpage has been developed to point you in the direction of better study techniques and help guide you to success. The Math Department has learned that high schools have seriously failed to teach students how to acquire math skills.

For students wanting additional lecture material, there is a hyperlink to Khan Academy notes with the appropriate notes linked to the subjects for this course. Other resources are available, and some will be listed in the future on this webpage.

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