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Math 124: Calculus for the Life Sciences -- Lectures Spring 2015
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Lectures for Math 124

The lectures below reflect topics presented in the previous courses Math 121 and Math 122. These lectures will be updated as the semester progresses. Some topics will remain as optional material for students who want further reading. Alternate lecture material can be found in the Miscellaneous section.
  1. Introduction (4-Panel)
  2. Linear Models (4-Panel)
  3. Quadratics (4-Panel)
  4. Least Squares Analysis (4-Panel)
  5. Function Review (4-Panel)
  6. Other Function and Asymptotes (4-Panel)
  7. Allometric Modeling (4-Panel)
  8. Trigonometry (4-Panel)
  9. Discrete Dynamical Systems (4-Panel)
  10. Linear Discrete Dynamical Models (4-Panel)
  11. Introduction to the Derivative (4-Panel)
  12. Velocity and Tangent Lines (4-Panel)
  13. Limits, Continuity, and the Derivative  (4-Panel)
  14. Rules of Differentiation (4-Panel)
  15. Applications of the Derivative (4-Panel)
  16. Derivative of ex and ln(x) (4-Panel)
  17. Differentiation of Trigonometric Functions (4-Panel)
  18. Product Rule (4-Panel)
  19. Quotient (4-Panel)
  20. Chain (4-Panel)
  21. Optimization (4-Panel)
  22. Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Part 1 Logistic Growth (4-Panel)
  23. Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Part 2 Other Models (4-Panel)
  24. Introduction to Differential Equations (4-Panel)
  25. Linear Differential Equations (4-Panel)
  26. Numerical Methods for Differential Equations (4-Panel)
  27. Differential Equations and Integration (4-Panel)
  28. Separation of Variables (4-Panel)
  29. Integration by Substitution (4-Panel)
  30. Riemann Sums and Numerical Integration (4-Panel)
  31. Definite Integrals (4-Panel)
  32. Qualitative Analysis for Differential Equations (4-Panel)
  33. Integration by Parts
  34. Competition Models

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