Math 105- College Algebra and Trigonometry
Spring Semester, 2013
Grading in Math 105

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Grading in Math 105

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Grade Distribution

Homework (20%)

Homework is assigned in MyMathLab from Pearson. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of homework deadlines and complete homework on time. Students can work on problems as many times as necessary to get the correct answer, but the Chapter Quizzes can only be attempted with at least 80% correct on the homework for the Chapter. Be careful of the warnings that MyMathLab gives you, as you might drop your score if you enter a problem that you already received credit for after the due date when a penalty is applied. You should review exercises from the Gradebook part of MyMathLab.

Chapter Quizzes (30%)

At the end of each chapter there will be a Chapter Quiz. Students must have successfully completed 80% of the homework problems correctly to take the Chapter Quiz. The Chapter Quiz is a timed exercise (45-55 minutes). Students can take the quiz up to three times over a four day period and receive the best score on the Chapter Quiz. You are expected to take the Chapter Quiz much like you would take a Quiz in the classroom, meaning that you work your Chapter Quiz with only a pencil and paper helping you. MyMathLab is designed to have a lock down for Quizzes, which means that if you try to use other resources on your computer during the timed quiz, then you will be locked out of that attempt on your quiz and will no longer be able to answer questions. These Chapter Quizzes are your best preparation for the Midterms. (Because of the confusion at the beginning of the semester and because students may not be familiar with this course format, the Chapter Quiz 1 can be taken by just attempting the homework from Chapter 1 and will be allowed three attempts.) The lowest Chapter Quiz score will be dropped over the semester. For example, if you score lower than 80% on a homework, then you will not be able to take that Chapter Quiz, which will result in a zero, so that Chapter Quiz will be dropped.

Midterms (25% (12.5% Each))

Twice during the semester there will be Midterm exams, which will be given in a classroom. Students will have to show their Red IDs to take the exam. Time of the Midterms will be determined soon. Written documentation will be required for any excused absences.

Final (25%)

There will be a Final, which will be given in a classroom. Students will have to show their Red IDs to take the Final. Students must score at least 50% on the Final to receive a grade more than a C-. The Final will be May 11, 6-8 PM, with other Group Finals.

Exam Solutions:

Grades Assigned

The grades below will be assigned unless a student scores below 50% on the Final.

Less than 50%


Student disability Services (594-6473) is the campus office responsible for determining and providing appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. Student needing these services should visit the following site:


Students are encouraged to take advantage of the tutoring facilities available. We provide on-line answering of questions as well as several campus facilities with TAs supported by the Department of Mathematics. This free tutoring has been established to help students succeed in this course. Success is most likely if you carefully read the material in the chapters and work all homework problems as if they were a Chapter Quiz.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic misconduct will not be tolerated. The following steps are usually taken with a student caught cheating: The instructor will normally record a zero or an "F" for that exam, quiz, homework, or project; although the instructor may decide to give an "F" grade for the course.

All cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities. The office will investigate complaints in order to determine whether University disciplinary action is to be pursued. For more information on SDSU's policies and procedures regarding academic misconduct visit the following site: