Math 342B - Methods of Applied Mathematics
Spring Semester, 2012
Lecture Information

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 Lecture Information

This page will be used to give links to additional material for the course. Most material will come directly from the text:

Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L. Boas

Lecture Note Supplements


Below are some MatLab codes and pictures from PDEs provided by Ricardo Carretero.




Heat equation in 1D: MatLab: heatjm.m. Maple: heat1D

PDE integrator in 1D: PDE_integrator.m, wave_plotsurf.m.

Normal modes of wave equation: vibrate.m

Solutions to the linear wave equation: wave_eq.m.

D'Alambert solutions to the linear wave equation: ugauss_utzero.m.

Bessel modes: bessel_modes.m, besselzero.m.