Math 336 - Mathematical Modeling
Spring Semester, 2004

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This webpage will be developed as the semester progresses.

This course examines mathematical modeling. The course will follow the text A course in Mathematical Modeling by Douglas Mooney and Randall Swift. The topics include 1. Discrete dynamical models, 2. Stochastic modeling, 3. Age-structured models, 4. Continuous Modeling. The class will be divided into lectures to cover the theoretical material and a computer lab session that applies the techniques from class to the projects listed in the text.

Class Meeting:

Starting the week of January 19-24, we will meet in P-147 for Tuesday lecture and in GMCS-405 for Thursday computer lab/lecture. The lecture time will cover background mathematical material appropriate for the course, while the computer lab/lecture will give hands on experience with modeling projects from the text. You will form partners and begin a project each week from the text material. Projects will be due the next week (in clean Word document form).

Below are hyperlinks to other sections:

Lecture: A section with additional lecture notes.

Assignment: This page gives information on the assignments and projects that have been given. It includes information about Exams for this class. When hints are necessary, this page has additional information.

Grading: This provides the weighting of the different aspects of the course toward the semester grade. After the first exam a ranking will be provided.

Projects: Your extra-credit special projects can be downloaded (after they are created) from the hyperlink here.