Math 337 - Differential Equations
Spring Semester, 2002

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This page contains useful information to help assist you in the use of this site. It is important that you learn how to negotiate the WorldWide Web for this course and other aspects of your educational career. (Many of you are already quite familiar with the Web, so will easily adapt to the structure of my website.) The topics below give you a quick overview of how to do things on this site. The applets on my webpage are compiled in Java 1.2, which will not work on older browsers and has some difficulties on Macs.


The navigation system is designed to help you jump from any section you are reading to another section of the site, using the bar on the left of the page. Simply click on the category of your choice, then click on the particular section you would like to visit. You'll notice the bar that separates the navigational system and the information is designed so that you can adjust it to the right or left, changing the size of the reading region in the section that you have selected. Simply click, hold, and drag it. While reading a set of notes, you also have the option to view that page in fullscreen. Simply "right-click" with your mouse, and select "Open in new window". This will prompt that page to open in a new browser window.

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The homework problems have been created using Adobe Acrobat. The files are saved as .pdf and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. You can obtain it for free by clicking the icon.
After you have downloaded and installed the acrobat reader, simply click on the homework problems category and select the problem set you want to work on. The acrobat file will open within the browser for you to read and/ or print.