Math 121 - Calculus for Biology I
Spring Semester, 2008 
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CSU and SDSU College of Science Policy Statements

CSU Goals and Expectations

2. This process helps meets the stated goals of CSU system (Spring 1997), which listed the following specific abilities expected of CSU graduates:

  1. Communicate effectively, through a variety of means
  2. Read analytically and think critically at a high level
  3. Write clearly
  4. Acquire substantive in-depth command over one or more fields of study
  5. Locate, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information
  6. Integrate knowledge across discipline boundaries
  7. Make both qualitative and quantitative assessments
  8. Participate effectively in a democratic society
  9. Work effectively in group settings with people different from oneself.

The CSU statement also included the following remarks: "We will assure that our graduates possess a certain breadth and depth of knowledge together with a certain level of skills. CSU will facilitate other techniques of active learning such as collaborative learning, problem solving, and use of interactive technology. We will require that each student be responsible for creating an academic plan, one which will encourage students to take a more active role in their own learning, including self-paced and self-directed study".

College of Sciences Goals and Expectations

3. These skills also meet the goals of SDSU College of Sciences (Spring 1997) which identified the main attritributes that any Bachelor's Degree holder should possess:

  1. Mental maturity and critical thinking
  2. Solid background in the fundamental principles of the discipline
  3. Sense of self, community, and the environment
  4. Ability to communicate
  5. Ability to work on a team
"As students progress into their junior year they should learn to accept more responsibility for their own education. Students must have basic technological skills (word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, library searches, and e-mail). Almost without exception, corporations approach a problem with a team of people bringing different and appropriate skills to the solution. University graduates must have the skills necessary to work successfully on such project teams. Individual competence must be complemented by strong cooperative skills".