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Math 541: Numerical Analysis Fall 2017
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Lectures for Math 541

  1. Introduction (4-Panel) Maple Commands (Maple .mw) - MatLab Getting Started (video)
  2. Calculus and Taylor's Theorem (4-Panel) - coscos Maple (
  3. MatLab Programming (4-Panel) - fibonacci.m, goldenfract.m, goldenrect.m, ecomp.m, esum.m, exp_plot.m, exp_sum.m, f_3nplus1.m, threenplus1.m, bessel.m, bessel_plot.m, bessel2.m, bessel2_plot.m
  4. Computer Arithmetic and Finite Precision (4 Panel) - digit_loss.m, poly_err.m
  5. Zeros and Roots (4 Panel) - bisection.m, bisectioneg, newton.m, newtoneg.m, newtoneger.m, secant.m, secanteg.m, secanteger.m, newton_lnplot,
  6. Numerical Linear Algebra (4-Panel) and Matrices (4-Panel) - backsubs, bslashtx, forward, lugui, lutx
  7. Quadrature A (4-Panel) and Quadrature B (4-Panel) - polyinterp, ACSR, AdaptiveCSR, compboole, compmidpt, compsimp, compsimptol, comptrap, gauss234, LegendrePolynomials,
  8. Splines (4-Panel) - cubic_splinenat, cubic_splineclp,, tridiag
  9. Differentiation and Richardson Extrapolation (4 Panel) -
  10. Least Squares (4-Panel) - vanA, malbffit, malfit, mallstsq, popfit, uspop.mat, vanAexp, expeel2bx_gr, fentAexls_gr, lstsq3, lstsq3n,
  11. Newton's Method Higher Dimensional (4-Panel) - newton2, g2, J2,

Additional Resources

There is a Lab Manual (MATLAB and Maple) version, which will continue to be updated over the semester with detailed information for using MatLab and Maple on your written assignments.

For those interested in purchasing Maple, you can access the Maple adoption sheet through this hyperlink.




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