Math 342A - Methods of Applied Mathematics
Fall Semester, 2004
Supplemental Index to the Lectures

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Supplemental Index to the Lectures

If additional material is needed for the lectures, then this page will be used to provide links for that material.

This semester will use the symbolic language Maple for a number of our calculations and solutions to problems. There is a workshop available through the Math 241 course, and you have been issued course accounts that allow you to access Maple through the GMCS 422 (or 405) Computer Lab. If you want to access Maple from home, then you will need to acquire a rohan account (free to students from what I last heard). Unless you are doing simply line command Maple instructions (where the invoking "maple" allows rohan to do simply operations), then you will want to use an X-Terminal simulator. (This is automatic if you are operating under the Linux operating system.) I have been told (by Rob Mellors in Geology), but have not tested that you can get reasonable free software to emulate an X-Terminal from cygwin ( For straight x-windows emulation, he indicated that xwin32 ( has 30 day free demo (but costs money for more than that). If you have success or problems with either of these tools, then please let me know, so that I can pass the information on to other students. Excuting Maple in an X-Terminal environment from rohan requires typing "xmaple" (latest Maple) or "xmaple -cw" (Classic Maple, which is what I use).