Math 342A - Methods of Applied Mathematics
Fall Semester, 2004
Exam and Grading Page

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Exam and Grading Page

Your grade will be based on your performance on the homeworks, 3 exams, and a final.(It is possible that the third exam will be combined with the final.) The homeworks are graded on a basis of approximately 50% attempted problems and 50% graded select problems. You will be deducted 20% for late homework up until one week after it is due, then there is no credit given for the homework. (There may be exceptions if you notify me in advance or have proof of illness.) The homework will account for 20% of your grade. Since the first semester of this course is designed to be evenly split between Vector Analysis, Linear Algebra and Matrices, and Differential Equation, then the 3 Exams will be given at times when the lecture material is finished on each of these sections (roughly after 5 weeks). The final will be comprehensive and be weighted twice the hour Exams.

For Exam 1, you are allowed the use of a calculator (any type), 2 notecards (3x5), and a set of integral tables.