Math 241- Maple Workshop
Fall Semester, 2001

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Movie for the 3-D Surface

Maple can be used to generate 3-D surfaces. This example comes from the help file in Maple under plot3d and has the Maple command

> plot3d((1.3)^x * sin(y),x=-1..2*Pi,y=0..Pi,coords=spherical,style=patch);

This generates the 3-D surface in spherical coordinates. If r is the radius, q is the angle in the xy-coordinate plane, and f is the angle with the z-axis, then this Maple command generates the surface

r = 1.3q sin(f)

with -1 < q < 2p and 0 < f < p. Below is an shockwave flash movie showing this surface from a variety of angles using the Maple orientation option in the plot3d command.