MATH 241

MW 14:00-15:15 for 5 weeks (1 Unit)

Dr. Mahaffy

This five week MAPLE Workshop is designed to introduce students to the powerful symbolic algebra computer software, MAPLE. MAPLE is widely used by engineers, scientists, and mathematicians for solving a variety of mathematical problems. Students have found MAPLE invaluable in supporting a number of their upper division courses in Engineering and the Sciences. The Workshop will be held in the BAM 120 Computer Laboratory giving hands-on experience in every session. Prerequisite to this course is a knowledge in Calculus (Math 150 and 151). The required text for this workshop is the Maple Computer Guide (for Advanced Engineering Mathematics) by E. Kreyszig and E. J. Norminton.

The Workshop will introduce students to MAPLE as a symbolic algebra package, showing how it can solve and simplify complicated algebraic expressions. Applications of MAPLE to differentiation, integration, linear algebra, differentiation equations, and graphing (2 and 3-D) will be demonstrated. Basic programming in MAPLE will be shown along with access of MAPLE through MATLAB and on different computer platforms. Applications of MAPLE to complex problems will be presented at the end of the course.

The Workshop begins on Monday, September 9, 2002, and ends on Wednesday, October 9, 2002. The course can be taken for a grade or CR/NC. Grading will be based on computer assignments.