Math 241 - Maple Workshop
Fall Semester, 2002
Maple Organization

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Maple Organization

Maple can be organized using Sections that can be expanded and contracted to allow viewing of smaller numbers of calculations. This webpage just briefly describes the commands used to organize a webpage, but you'll want to download the hyperlinked Maple Worksheet to view how the sectioning feature works. It is most valuable when you have a large number of complex calculations.


The Section command can be found under Insert on the menu bar. After entering Section the square box with a minus appears and text can be entered to describe your work. Suppose we first enter a function and graph it.

> f := x -> 4*exp(-x^2);

f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; 4*exp(-x^2) ...

> plot(f(x), x = -5..5, color = green, title = `Normal Distribution`);

[Maple Plot]

More on Sections

Now we can perform other calculations, which can readily be hidden by clicking on the box with the minus in it.

> diff(f(x),x);


> int(f(x),x);