Math 241 - Maple Workshop
Fall Semester, 2001
Session 4 - Integrating Maple with Other Software

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 Integrating Maple with Other Software

Session #4 - This session examines how to use Maple in conjunction with other computer programs. MatLab uses Maple V Release 4 as the underlying package for its Symbolic package. There is a code generation routine that allows the production of Fortran and C code. Maple can link to spreadsheet software, such as Excel. There good text features such as generating LaTeX output or HTML for webpages. We also include features to improve your work on a Maple worksheet. Inside the worksheet there are features that allow the production of technical type in the comments and the use of hyperlinks to navigate about the worksheet.

We begin this lecture using the XWin32 program to let the PCs simulate X-Terminals. Logging onto an X-Terminal allows the use of rohan and a UNIX environment. Maple is totally portable between PC and UNIX environments. (There is a Mac version of Maple, but I am not as familiar with this environment.) A Maple worksheet is saved with an .mws extension. This file is recognizable independent of the platform, which very useful for transporting information using Maple.

XWin32 - Maple on rohan

Maple and MatLab

Maple and Excel

Maple Generates Fortran and C Code

Maple Generates HTML and LaTeX