Math 122- Calculus for Biology II
Fall Semester, 2001

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Course Information for Math 122

Joseph M. Mahaffy

This page serves as an introduction to this website. The most recent updates of class material that you will need for this course can be found on the Assignments and Quiz page. This course will be run exclusively from the web. This webpage will have all lecture material, homeworks, homework solutions, and computer laboratories, so should be self contained. If you notice any particular problems, then be sure to register your difficulties on the Feedback page. Several of you may have used the text by Goldstein, Lay, and Schneider in your Math 121 course, but as you probably noticed, it is primarily a Business Calculus book and not appropriate for this course. (The Department of Biology told the Mathematics Department 5 years ago not to use this text!) However, if you happened to like the text, then it might prove valuable as a supplemental text.

This class consists of two lectures and one computer lab each week (except when you are having an exam). For information about how this course will be graded check the grading policy section.

Lab: The computer lab is designed to give you practical experience with the mathematical ideas developed in lecture and to teach you good computer skills for creating technical documents. The computer lab will meet in BAM 120 on either Thursday or Friday (depending on what time you signed up for during registration). The labs will be worked in pairs and attendance is mandatory (unless you receive an excused absence). If you are more than 5 minutes late, then you will be working on the lab alone. Be sure to have 2 floppy disks at your first lab meeting. For more information on what will be expected of you on the computer labs, be sure to check the introductory section under the laboratory section.

Quizzes and Exams: The first homework quiz of this semester will be on the second Wednesday of the semester.

Assignment: See the assignment page for the current material that you should be studying.

Tutoring: The Math Department offers free tutoring in BAM 248. Hours have yet to be determined for this semester.