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Math 337: Elementary Differential Equations Fall 2015
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Lectures for Math 337

  1. Introduction (4-Panel) - Maple Commands (Maple .mw)
  2. Qualitative Methods (4-Panel) - Maple (Maple .mw) - Basic MatLab (murder.m, murder_plot.m) - Maple Direction Field (
  3. Linear Equations (4-Panel) - MatLab Programming (lake2.m, lake_level.m, lake2_plot.m, fishdat.mat, sumsq_vonBert.m, vonBert_plot.m, powerfit.m, allo_plot.m, Hg_plot.m, sumsq_allom.m, sumsq_cubic.m, sumsq_Hg.m, sumsq_wtfish.m, wtfish.m)
  4. Separable Equations (4-Panel)
  5. Exact and Bernoulli Equation (4-Panel)
  6. Existence and Uniquess (4-Panel)
  7. Numerical Methods (4-panel) - ODE Solvers (euler.m, im_euler.m, numeg.m, numeg_plot.m, numeg2.m, numeg2_plot.m, pop.m, pop_plot.m),
  8. 2D Linear Systems A (4-panel) - MatLab System (greenhouse.m, greenh_plot.m, compet.m) - Maple System (
  9. 2D Linear Systems B (4-panel) - Maple (
  10. 2D Linear Systems Appl (4-panel)
  11. Second Order Differential Equations (4-panel)
  12. Second Order Differential Equations: Part 2 (4-panel)
  13. Laplace Transforms: Part A (4-panel) - Maple (
  14. Laplace Transforms: Part B (4-panel)
  15. Power Series (4-panel)

Additional Resources

There is a Lab Manual (MATLAB and Maple) version, which will continue to be updated over the semester with detailed information for using MatLab and Maple on your written assignments.



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