Math 122 - Calculus for Biology II
Fall Semester, 2011
Computer Lab Resources

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Computer Lab Resources

Key Lab Documentation: You begin your labs by acquiring and filling out a Cover Page. It is very important to read the Laboratory guidelines to know what is expected of your Laboratory write-up, especially how the graphs look.

GMCS Computer Lab Availability: The GMCS 425/422 Computer Labs will be open most of the semester for the hours M-Th 9 AM-10 PM. Friday, GMCS 422 should be available 11 AM-4 PM. Saturday, the labs are available 10 AM-4 PM. When closed because classes or exams, then one can do most of the Computer Lab work at the library though you would need to ask their Help desk to access Maple on rohan.

Maple at SDSU: If you have a PC laptop, then you can contact either Joe Mahaffy or David New for installation of Maple on your computer. If you have Linux on your home computer, then you can directly link to the rohan Maple by logging onto rohan through your student account (freely available) and typing xmaple in a terminal window. Students with Mac laptops need to email Joe Mahaffy to determine what arrangements can be worked out. You can access Maple on your home computer using an X-Window platform (simulating Linux) with a rohan account. The details for this setup are given by the hyperlink to Maple on rohan. This access can be quite slow.

Maple Help: If you are a little rusty on your Maple commands (or haven't been exposed to Maple), then there are a number of good learning tools. Maple in the Lab has a self-guided tutorial, which is very extensive and probably has too much information. My website has a special Maple Help page for Math 121/122. Another alternative is to explore the early part of my Math 241 course notes, specifically the material in the Introduction. The San Diego State University Computing Center has produced an excellent guide with numerous hyperlinks to give you the basics for using Maple and accessing it through rohan.